Why We Recommend Trying Out Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are the lesser known siblings of magic mushrooms. However, they have just as much psychedelic joy to offer as their famed family member. And, due to their potency, reliability of dosage, and some lucky legal loopholes they are fast becoming the psychedelic of choice. But what are they? And why should you find a way to try them? 

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What is a Magic Truffle?

Magic mushroom truffles are not, as some might imagine, a separate fungus from magic mushrooms. They are, in fact, part of the same complete organism. The mushroom is simply the ‘fruiting body’ of the fungi — the bit that grows above ground and produces spores. Think of the mushroom like the rose of a rosebush (but much browner and slimier) — it’s the ‘face’ of the plant — but it’s not the whole plant. A magic mushroom truffle, or psilocybin truffle, is actually the underground portion of the fungus, a hardened nugget of mycelium. This is called a sclerotia. Not all mushroom species grow them, but luckily for us, certain species of psilocybin mushroom do. Sclerotia are actually the food reserves of a fungus, a nutrient dense clump that can help it to survive in unfavorable conditions such as flood, drought, fire or frost. 

In his book Psilocybe Mushrooms of the World, mycologist Paul Stamets states that sclerotia 

“In a dormant stage, can survive environmental disasters—a protective mechanism for surviving recurring fires that tend to sweep over grassland environments.”

The sclerotia of a fungus can survive for years underground in a dormant state until conditions become favorable. When this happens it springs to action — regrowing its mycelial network and sprouting mushrooms above ground once again. 

What Does a Magic Mushroom Truffle Look Like?

Like the fruiting bodies of shrooms, magic truffles also can vary in shape and size. They are knobbly, bobbly nuggets that can range between less than 1mm and over 30cm, depending on the type of fungus. They can range from a soft rust color, to a deep nutty brown.  

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Are Magic Truffles Legal?

One of the first questions people ask is are magic truffles legal? Well, it depends where you are. In a select few countries, such as the Netherlands, magic truffles are legal. This is down to a lucky loophole in the law. In 2008, magic mushrooms unfortunately became illegal in the Netherlands. However, as a magic truffle is not technically a ‘mushroom’ — it is a sclerotia — our trippy little friends remained legal, as do magic mushroom grow kits. Today tourists from all across the world visit the Netherlands to have psychedelic experiences with magic truffles. 

Magic Truffles Dosage and Potency

The potency and subsequent recommended magic truffles dosage varies from species to species. The fruiting body (mushroom) and the sclerotia have very different functions for the fungus, but for a person looking to trip on psilocybin they have very much the same function. Psilocybin, whether consumed via a mushroom or a magic truffle will have the same experiential effects. In general a trip will last up to 6 hours depending on magic truffles dosage. 

In terms of potency, the common thought tends to be that magic truffles may have a lower concentration of psilocybin. However, anecdotally, people tend to differ on their opinions of which is actually the more potent of the two. Research into this topic is almost non-existent though, due to the illicit nature of psilocybin. 

What is true however, is that magic truffles dosage differs in comparison to magic mushroom dosage. And that dosage itself depends on whether the truffle or magic mushroom truffle is fresh or dried. Although the same eventual psychedelic effect can be achieved with each variation, the amounts needed differ. One of the good things about magic truffle dosage is that it is quite easy to work out. Magic mushrooms can vary quite significantly in strength. Two mushrooms of the same type can have varying strengths, and each part of the mushroom (cap, stem, etc.) can have different potencies. Furthermore, the size the mushroom had grown to at harvest can also affect its potency per gram. Magic truffles have far less variation in their size and shape, meaning that you can be more confident in your dosage and predicted experience. 

Check out our magic mushroom and magic truffle dosage chart to work out your perfect measure!

Where Can I Get Magic Truffles?

Growing From a Magic Truffle Spore

You can grow your own psychedelic sclerotia from magic truffle spores. This is similar to the PF Tek method used to grow magic mushrooms from the spore too. Growing from a magic truffle spore is a deeply rewarding process — like growing vegetables in your garden — except tiny and trippy! One of the advantages of growing magic truffles over shrooms is that they are more resilient to their environment and external factors such as dehydration or heat. 

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Here’s how to grow magic truffles from a magic truffles spore:

What You Will Need:

  • spore syringe 
  • The spores of a sclerotia growing psychedelic fungus such as Psilocybe tampanensis or Psilocybe mexicana. 
  • Substrate (the most common choice for magic truffle growers in grass seed)
  • Mason jars or a grow bag with a filter
  • A pressure cooker 
  • An incubator (depending on where you live.)
  • Water 

The Growing Process

  • Firstly, make your growing substrate. If using grass seed, the measurement is 10 parts seed, 5 parts water. E.g. 1000g of grass seeds mixed with 500ml of water. (pppst! For a shortcut you can use a pre-sterilized bag of rye.)
  • Place your mason jars (with small holes pierced in the lid) or grow-bag full of substrate into the pressure cooker. Cook for about an hour at 15psi. This will sterilize your substrate. 
  • Once the substrate has cooled, inoculate it with magic truffle spores from your spore syringe. Make sure your hands and work space are SQUEAKY clean to avoid contamination. 
  • Shake your inoculated substrate to spread the magic truffles spores throughout. 
  • Transfer your container to a warm dark place, ideally between 21-25 °C. Use a heating mat or incubator if necessary.
  • The colonization process of your mycelium will take between 2 and 4 weeks. During this time, remember to shake the mixture up now and again.  
  • Once the substrate is colonized — now you wait! No more shaking, simply leave it in its warm, dark home and let magic truffles develop. 
  • Magic truffles can continue to grow for 3 to 4 months, increasing in size throughout. Depending on your patience you can harvest big or small magic truffles. 
  • Harvest and then trip on your home-grown truffles!
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Growing from a Magic Truffle Grow Kit

An easier way to try magic truffles is to buy a ready-made magic truffle grow kit, such as our Pandora’s Box Magic Truffle Kit. Once delivered it can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 weeks!

Once you are ready to use, simply rinse and strain for a whole host of magic truffles! Check out the full Pandora’s Box Manual here. 

Ordering Ready-to-Eat Magic Truffles

The easiest, simplest, way to get your hands on magic truffles is to order them vacuum-packed and ready to eat. We offer many different strains, with various potencies, different characteristics and effects, and ship them all over the world. For example; the Mexicana magic truffle is on the milder end of the trippy scale, bringing warm feelings and giggles. Then you could try the Atlantisstronger magic truffle that brings immersive and visual trips. Finally, at the furthest end of the scale you have the most potent of our magic truffle strains such as the QubitThis magic truffle will blast you into new perspectives, realities, and even spiritual planes! 

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How to Take Magic Truffles

Once you have your hands on some magic truffles, you need to know how to take them. Luckily, there are a few different methods to choose from, so you can find what best suits you. The most common are: 

Eat Them

The simplest way to take magic truffles is simply to eat them. Chew thoroughly and wash down with water. However, some people are not fans of the nutty and earthy flavor. Which leads us to…

Make Tea

Brewing a cup of magic truffle tea will reduce the flavor and potential nausea from eating magic truffles. Cut your dosage into fine pieces and throw them in some slightly cooled boiled water and let them soak for around 10-15 minutes, then drink!  Full magic truffle tea tutorial here. 

Lemon Tek

Squeeze lemon juice into a glass and add finely chopped magic truffles. Leave to sit for a while and then drink down (you can add water to taste.) The acidity of the lemon juice starts to pre-digest the magic truffles for you, fast-tracking the onset of your trip. Lemon Tek tutorial here.

What is a Magic Truffle Trip Like?

Before your trip there are things to consider:

How are you feeling today? Psychedelic trips are best when you are feeling well mentally and physically. Additionally, consider your environment, are you comfortable? Do you want company, or alone time? Make sure you read our complete Set and Setting Guide if you have any queries. 

You will begin to feel the effects of your magic truffles within 30 to 60 minutes of taking your dose. Many people describe the sensations as coming ‘in waves.’ Although everybody’s experience is different, psilocybin tends to induce euphoria, introspection, feelings of inner peace and connection. Depending on magic truffle dosage and strain you may see visual effects ranging from enhanced colors to full blown hallucinations. The trip itself can last between 3 to 6 hours. Eventually you will begin to gently come back to yourself with new insight and a feeling of transformation. 

Magic Truffles: The Takeaway 

  • Magic truffles are the underground food reserve of a magic mushroom. They are part of the same organism.
  • They have the same psychedelic effects as they both contain the compound psilocybin
  • A magic mushroom truffle looks like a lumpy, brown nugget.
  • Are magic truffles legal? It depends where you are. In the Netherlands magic truffles are legal
  • Magic truffle potency depends on the strain you choose.
  • Magic truffle dosage is more reliable than magic mushroom dosage as they have a more uniform size. 
  • You can grow truffles from magic truffle spores.
  • You can also buy a magic truffle grow kit, or simply vacuum packed and ready to consume
  • There are a few different ways to consume magic truffles including: eating, making tea with them, and lemon tek
  • Magic truffle trips vary from person to person but most include feelings of euphoria and inner peace. 

For more info check out our First Time Tripper’s Guide, our Dosage Guide and our Just-in-case Bad Trip explainer

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